About Me

Hi! I’m Lydia! Hang on.. I don’t know why I do that. I don’t even like the name Lydia, it just comes out like some form of professional word vomit habit of an introduction. Maybe when I’m an old lady it’ll suit me more, like “Oh you know little old Lydia who lives round the corner? What a cutie, you know she’s shrank to 3ft now?” Anyway. I’m rambling. You guys can call me Lyd! (And I’m not 3ft, I’m a solid 5ft exactly I’ll have you know).

So let’s start with the basics I guess! I’m 22 years old currently situated in the UK making a living as a Children’s Entertainer. But you’ve arrived at a travel blog, why am I talking about work? My career as a Children’s Entertainers put a spanner in the works to say the least when it comes to the dream of full time travelling. But it’s this job that banks the travel fund.

My need for travel has gotten in the way of total saving sacrifices for the long term travel lifestyle. From 2015 to present, I’ve seen Greece, Thailand, Croatia, France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Venice, Germany, Amsterdam (three times oops), Bali, The Gili Islands, Singapore, 30 states of America, 5 provinces of Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Yeah, it’s been tough. All of these trips were undoubtedly incredible, and yes if I hadn’t gone on them maybe I’d have enough savings to leave the UK for good. But I wouldn’t of had it any other way and these are all more stories and tips I’ll be sharing with you all throughout my blogging journey.

I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of creating a blog sooner, I mean I thought about it, but never really seriously. And then somebody one day asked me what my plan was, like long term. Then for some reason I replied, I’d like to be a travel blogger. I hadn’t said it out loud before, I knew I liked writing since school and I knew I like taking photographs from the lack of storage on my phone. From this small conversation, things just spiraled. That night I proposed the idea to my (also a blogger) sister who turned the spiraling idea into a tornado of plans. Within an hour I’d bought my website, we’d got a colour scheme, logo ideas, post plans! It was happening.

If you read my first ever post (Yay go you!) you’ll know my love for travelling began back in 2015 when I made the last minute decision to apply for Camp America in hope to mend my mental health. Anxiety and depression took over me to such an extent that I would only ever leave the house for work, and even that would petrify me. I mean, a mundane stuck behind your reception desk kind of job is painfully boring and a horrible thought to most people, but there was nothing for me to get worked up about. Then one day I realised I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and I took a leap by sending an application to Camp America. six weeks later, that leap leapt me on a plane. After spending six months in America back when I was nineteen, I came home and the goal was to make as much money as I could in a short space of time to head back to the states as soon as I possibly could. But that’s the thing with life, it doesn’t always go how you plan.

In order to make this fast money I threw my CV on every job site I could, I was applying for anything! I actually really liked the thought of being a delivery woman (hey maybe one day!). And this is when the company I work for now found me. The job became long term instead of a “get rich quick plan” to flee the country, simply due to loving what I do. I don’t regret becoming a Children’s Entertainer, nor do I regret it keeping me at home for longer than I had planned. It’s built my confidence more than I ever expected, it’s shaped me into a person that I like to be- the same as travelling does.

Not only that, my unexpected longer stay in the UK led me to meet my other half Connor. He also, doesn’t stay in the country for long. But it just happened that we were both back home at the right time that summer, and we’ve stuck together since. Even though our travel needs have kept us apart for months on end, they’ve also initiated us to see the beauty of Bali, The Gili Islands, and Cuba together. What once was my solo plan to see the world has now become our plan. Which works perfect for me- I have my own personal photographer following me around now!

But saying that, travelling is more than getting the perfect photo, building a good tan, staying in fancy places. Travelling is growth, knowledge, and experiences. I thank my travels for my mental health recovery: you’d be surprised how much smaller your problems feel when your mind is much clearer. If I hadn’t packed up my bags in 2015, I’m not sure what kind of person I’d be now. I believe in making in your own happiness, if you’re struggling and you’re a little lost right now, go get a little more lost.

I hope Lyds Locations can inspire anyone who’s been thinking about exploring to book that flight left waiting in your tab bar. Have you ever heard anyone say “ Man I regret taking that holiday”?  Didn’t think so. So join me on the journey as I share with you my past and present experiences around the globe.