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June 29, 2018

So if you’re quite the film fan girl like I am, I get this sad little kick out of visiting places I’ve seen on screen. Admittedly I spent a bit of time online researching places I could go whilst I was in the LA area (the movie capital!) however I couldn’t find what I was looking for in just one place, the information was a little spars so I thought I’d fix that for any other film tourists out there!

Here’s my top film spots of LA!

Urban Light – No Strings Attached

Starting with one of my all time favorite rom coms that I could watch over and over again. How can we forget the end of Natalie and Ashtons first date at Urban Light? I mean.. she does start hitting him after he tells her he loves her here.. but you know it’s cute!


Grand Central Market- La La Land

This market only appears for a snippet in the films Summer Montage but go and eat here, there is all kinds of food for you to choice from!

Angels Flight- La La Land

Just opposite Grand Central Market is Angels Flight. It has only just reopened after five years of being closed so we can all pay just a dollar to ride up there again and feel like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone at the top (and if you could dance that good once you get up the top.. bonus!).


Angels Knoll Bench – 500 Days of Summer

So if you visit Angels Flight, this park is located to the right of the lift as if you’re facing the city, ticking off La La Land and 500 days of Summer in one stop! I’ll be honest, I trespassed hard to get this photograph and jumped the fence (I’m so sorry!) but I went to downtown LA FOR the bench and I wasn’t leaving without it. I thought it was just locked up for the night but after reading into it the park has been closed since 2013, this is due to the amount of people visiting Angels Knoll was decreasing the value of the park. Isn’t the whole point of a park to want people to visit? And now it’s completely abandoned because no one wants to buy the park. *Heartbreak*
Disclaimer: This isn’t me encouraging people to break in.. just letting you know it’s there!

The Bradbury Building- 500 Days of Summer

A way you can get your 500 Days of Summer fix without breaking the law, just across the other side of the street opposite The Grand Central Market is the Bradbury Building. It closes at 6pm so I didn’t actually get to go inside, but if you want to sit in there acting all Autumn waiting for Gordon to arrive, go for it!


Ok so this is where I’m going to start throwing back to 2015 as I couldn’t discover all these treasured spots in one trip! So don’t panic that I’m suddenly a redhead.


Electric Fountain- Clueless

Oh my god.. I love Josh! I’m a little disappointed with this one as I only got a shot of Chers fountain from the van, but at least last time I visited I got to hit up Rodeo! Go do better than me, take a stroll, go shopping down Rodeo Drive, and work out you love your step brother by this fountain. It’s located at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, on the western end of Beverly Gardens Park.


Hollywood Sign- Friends with Benefits/The Kissing Booth

FIRST OF ALL. Do not believe anything you see in movies about couples walking up to the Hollywood sign and sleeping under the H. No. This doesn’t happen. You can’t actually get to the letters as they are heavily fenced off and security cameras are everywhere. (This is one fence I was definitely not willing to jump. We all know what happened to Justin when he got up there.)  But getting this close to sign, and taking in the view behind it, was good enough for me!


Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills- Pretty Woman

Want to feel like a total prostitute? Of course you do! The Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel is where Julia lived every escorts dream! You’ll recognize those windows instantly.


Griffiths Observatory- Whoops La La Land again!

Even if you aren’t interested in film locations, Griffiths Observatory is somewhere everyone should visit whilst in Los Angeles. I headed there at sunset which was unbelievably beautiful and then I got to watch LA gradually come alive for the night.


If Los Angeles isn’t enough film scouting for you.. here’s a few extras you can find in San Francisco!


San Francisco 2640 Steiner Street- Mrs Doubtfire House

So if you happen to be heading to San Francisco after your time in Los Angeles yay for you! Go and visit the Mrs Doubtfire House! Not only is Mrs Doubtfire a film I quote on the daily  (I do a great impression of a hot dog)  the daughter in Mrs Doubtfire is named Lydia and when do you ever see any other characters called Lydia? This is my name claim to fame. (If you actually know any more films that have Lydias in please let me know! I feel we are an unappreciated dying name.)


Painted Ladies/Alamo Square- 5 Year Engagement 

I found this one by accident, we headed to Alamo Square to view The Painted Ladies from across the road when I realised I recognised the park from the 5 Year Engagement end wedding scene! Too cute.


Palace of the Fine Arts Theatre- 5 Year Engagement 

And while we’re on the 5 Year Engagement wagon let’s throw The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in there too.


Golden Gate Bridge- So. Many. Movies. 

The Golden Gate Bridge has appeared in every disaster movie ever. You name the natural disaster, the Golden Gate Bridge has cinematically gone through it. Monsters vs Aliens counts as a natural disaster right?

My personal favourite Golden Gate Bridge scene has to be The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Let me know if you’ve found any other must see film spots for when I’m next in CA! Or anywhere in America actually!

Film fans, you are welcome.


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