June 19, 2018

I haven’t even been back in the states for a week yet and already I can hear my vocabulary is adjusting.. for sure.

After a ten hour flight from Gatwick to Denver (without a neck pillow, woof.)  I finally landed and reunited with my Romanian queen Alina. We met over three years ago when we both did Camp America at Deer Valley together and we hadn’t seen each other since. But the moment I saw her in arrivals it’s like we’d never been apart.

From then.. to now!

My time in Fort Collins has been very relaxed, full of catching up, eating food, seeing views. So I’m not going to waffle on about every detail of my time here, but I’ll let you in on my favourite parts.


So admittedly, we ate out a lot.
-Bad Daddys
-Luciles Creole Cafe
-The Original Pancake House
-DGT (Damn Good Tacos)
-Bawarchi Biryanis

All had insanely good food however if I’m going to recommend just one place to you, it’s DGT. Even though it has Tacos in it’s name, that place fed me the best damn burrito I’ve ever had!


The elevation in Fort Collins is 4,982 ft (1,519 m) above sea level, which may not mean anything to you but it means less oxygen levels up here and getting drunk waaaay faster. One margarita felt like a bottle of wine! I’m not complaining, I was gone on $4! It’s just $4 a margarita every Thursday 9pm – Midnight, if you’re in Fort Collins, get yourself to Rio Grande!

If you’re looking for somewhere a little livelier than Fort Collins, Denver is just over an hour away and the nightlife is busy! We spent our night in The Ginn Mill & Larimer Beer Hall and I did not want to go home!


Go visit Horsetooth Reservoir! (I mean I kept calling it Horsebite for a while.. I knew it was something about the horses mouth.. I was close.) Whether that’s doing the full hike, taking a swim, or just driving to the view point, it’s a must whilst in Fort Collins.

No matter where you are in the States, if you have the opportunity to go to a drive in, do it. There’s nothing more American and you can release your inner Danny & Sandy! This wasn’t my first drive in but the experience never gets old.. I say as I fell asleep the whole time they played Incredibles 2. I was SO excited for this but jet lag got the better of me. Sighhhh.


It’s always the little things.. Around Old Town in Fort Collins there’s these beautiful pianos scattered around just for people to enjoy. It’s definitely more enjoyable to listen to someone who actually knows how to play.. to listen to me.. I can only apologise!

And who is this adorable woofer you ask? This is Marcy. Marcy is half schnauzer and half chihuahua, aka the cutest little guy. And before you think this is a cruel crossbreed, Marcy’s parents loved each other very much and made him in secret.. an accidental angel! Alina introduced me to all of her friends she’s made during her time in Fort Collins, but the friends who have dogs, they’re my favourite. I’m talking ’bout you Janet gurl!(Or should I say.. Batman.)

So that’s my first four days all wrapped up, I can’t thank Alina enough for taking me into her home away from home, I started my trip with nothing but laughter! I’m so glad I decided to fly to Denver first before heading to Los Angeles, staying with a familiar face first was definitely the right decision after all the tears leaving my home loved ones behind. I needed someone to help me adjust to this giant life change, and I couldn’t have chose a better friend to do so. It’s still going to take me a little longer to get used to it, but this is only the beginning.

I’m currently writing this in Denver International Airport whilst waiting for my SouthWest flight to LA, I’m spending the next four nights along Hermosa beach before I start my trek across the North.

I’ll keep you posted.. literally.

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