HOW TO STORE YOUR LUSH SHAMPOO BAR (without the metal tin)

July 20, 2018

Ok so this isn’t exactly a travel advise post however this is a life hack I’ve discovered whilst I’ve been moving around and it’s too good not to share with you fellow LUSH bar strugglers!

I’m a HUGE fan of LUSH and their shampoo bars are the only shampoo my tangled mane can get along with. I use the “NEW” bar (that I’ve used for years so it’s not exactly new anymore..) which is the red/pink bar targeted to people with stressed thin hair to stimulate growth. Not only does it thicken and strengthen my overly bleached locks, it smells AMAZING. But this isn’t a post about admiring how great my hair is now.. I mean.. you can if you want.

Image from: Above are all the causes LUSH are supporting through their websites footer.

The best thing about purchasing a LUSH shampoo bar is that your bar uses no plastic whatsoever in it’s packaging and also comes with the message #BeCrueltyFree to encourage the conversation to stop animal testing once and for all. With the bar costing just £6.50 and LUSH guaranteeing over 80 washes with just 1 bar it’s a no brainer, you want a shampoo bar!

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However supporting the no plastic movement and purchasing cruelty free products unfortunately comes at a price for us, as LUSH currently only offers these metal tins you can purchase for just £2.50 to store your bar in. But they are the worst, and LUSH even knows it. Putting your shampoo bar in one of these tins decreases your bar life in half, once you place your bar in wet it sticks to the tin and before you know it you’re sick of trying to pull it out or rubbing the remains of the tin on your head. SO you’re off to buy a new one.

When I last went to LUSH to rebuy my shampoo bar I asked the lady behind the till if they offer any other way to store them, as the metal tins are just no good for transporting the bars around. She explained that there isn’t yet but LUSH are working on a new form of case made out of cork, but there’s been no release date for when they’ll become available. You can read more about “The Curious Case of Cork” here:

As cork draws out moisture this is the perfect material for a shampoo bar to live in because of course, it’s wet from the shower and needs to dry. If the shampoo bar is able to dry it keeps it’s form and lasts far longer than when it deforms in the metal tin.

So unfortunately I came away from LUSH that day no closer to solving my travelling around with my shampoo bar problem. That was until I was strolling around IKEA.

Originally my plan was to just buy an ordinary plastic food container to store my bar in and deal with the colossal mess I know it would be in. But then I came across these:

Images from:

These cork coasters from IKEA cost just £1.50 for the two and make the perfect case for a LUSH shampoo bar when tied together.

Available here:

After your shower, you can place the bar back into these cork coasters soaking wet and when you go back to use it next time it’ll bone dry and still in it’s original shape!

Just tie them together, throw them in your bag and you’re good to go!

I’ve currently had this bar for 8 weeks and it’s not even half way used yet. If it lasts me another 8 weeks that’s 16 weeks of shampoo in one bar for £6.50, that’s less than 5p a day on shampoo PLUS think of all the plastic saved!

PS. Apologies about all the real life shower room photographs- I am living out of a backpack, in a tent, on various campgrounds right now! There’s no backdrops and studio lights unfortunately.

So in the meantime while LUSH creates their own cork holders (which I’m so excited about!) the IKEA cork coasters are a great alternative for storing your shampoo bar! Save the planet, save the animals, save your money, save the mess.

I hope this helps fellow LUSH lovers x

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